Nouvelle présentation des collections modernes (1905-1965)

27 May 2015 - 30 December 2017

The Centre Pompidou is unveiling a new presentation of its modern collections from 1905 to 1965. This circuit takes visitors through major historical landmarks in chronological order, introducing them to key figures, works and movements making up the history of modern art, together with the "go-betweens" who helped to construct the history of modernity. Visitors now enter the museum via level 5 and leave by level 4, moving from the modern period to the contemporary. The rich variety of the Centre Pompidou collections makes it possible to trace the highlights of modernity while illustrating its complexity though a presentation organised as historic sequences, which provides a clear picture of genealogies, transitions, crossings and points of contact while remaining highly informative.

Information and schedule about the Nouvelle présentation des collections modernes (1905-1965) exhibition
Adagp, Paris 2015
Adagp, Paris 2015

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