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Croix [noire]


About the artwork

Kasimir Malevitch (1879-1935)
Croix [noire]
Oil on canvas
80x80 cm

This work appeared in the very first presentation of supremacists works, entitled "0.10. Last futuristic exhibition of painting" in Petrograd in 1915. The significant distortions that this cross has with respect to a strict orthogonal system, testify a driving tension, as if the superposiiton of the two plans was not yet complete.

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Metal Prints

For a minimalist and ultra modern rendering! Our metal prints are produced using the latest sublimation technology. This process uses heat to transfer the image into the aluminum sheet, allowing an unparalleled colour gamut of the highest archival standards. Prints are durable, lightweight, easy to clean, scratches and water resistant.

  • High-end HD sublimation printing technology using the Chromalux® process
  • Glossy finish.
  • Thickness: .045 in. (1.14mm), gently rounded corners
  • Aluminum made with recycled materials and 100% recyclable
  • System of hangers and plastic cushions that allow to detach the work from the wall.
Refund within 14 days

Other versions of Croix [noire]

Framed Art Print "Croix [noire]" - Malevitch

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Art Print "Croix [noire]" - Malevitch

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Framed Canvas "Croix [noire]" - Malevitch

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Acrylic Print "Croix [noire]" - Malevitch

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Canvas Print "Croix [noire]" - Malevitch

  • From €129
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Removable wallpaper "Croix [noire]" - Malevitch

  • €105 /m2
    €100 /m2 Member

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