Centre Pompidou, Piano + Rogers
Centre Pompidou, Piano + Rogers

Centre Pompidou, Piano + Rogers

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A book about the Centre Pompidou and its incredible architecture!


This book is a real journey through the conception of the Centre Pompidou, with the presentation of the unpublished archives from the Renzo PIano Building Workshop.

The history of the project is chronologically presented, from the first inspection of the site, to the official opening of the building, through sketches and notes.

The stories of Renzo Piano and the testimonies collected are meticulously reproduced. In that way, the project is told with the words of the protagonists. The book is a true journal, and accompanies the reader throughout all the chapters of this incredible architectural adventure.

Other publications from the Renzo Piano Fondation: Whitney Museum, Fondation Beyeler, London Bridge Tower...


  • Binding: Soft cover
  • Language: Bilingual French/English
Number of pages
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28 cm X 28 cm
Fondazione Renzo Piano
Books, Monograph and art movements
Fine arts

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