La fabrique de l'histoire de l'art
La fabrique de l'histoire de l'art

La fabrique de l'histoire de l'art

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First panorama of artistic and cultural reviews of the 20th century.


Transdisciplinary and international, the selection presented in this 480-page book was chosen from the collection of the Kandinsky Library at the Centre Pompidou, which, with more than 8,000 titles, is one of the richest collections in the world. Only frequented by researchers or specialists, this magnificent editorial corpus remains very little known. This is why the authors have chosen to tell a subjective, lively and accessible history of art through 200 editorial adventures. The challenge is to embody the diversity of registers: from the humorous virulence of Dada magazines to the postcolonial verve of the Martinique magazine Tropiques d'Aimé Césaire to the energy of Provoke, a journal of Japanese experimental photography.

In chronological order, the magazines are presented through facsimiles in their original format, cover and inside pages, and according to three types of content: short and lively notices, focuses to render exceptional editorial adventures, and contextual narratives to highlight the unique biographical journeys of editors-passers. In this way, we can revive the intense ties of cultural sociability that have lastingly shaped the history of art in the twentieth century.

Damarice Amao, Mica Gherghescu, Mélanie Godefroy, Laurence Gueye-Parmentier, Camille Lenglois, Julia Motard, Annalisa Rimmaudo, Stéphanie Rivoire, Beatriz Sanchez-Santidrian, Didier Schulmann, Anne-Marie Zucchelli-Charron


Binding: Paperback
Language: French

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24 cm x 31.5 cm
Sous la direction de Mica Gherghescu, Laurence Gueye-Parmentier, Stéphanie Rivoire et Didier Schulmann
Centre Pompidou, Les éditions Textuel
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Essays on art, Art history- Art movements

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