Limited Edition - A minute of Christian Boltanski's life

Immerse yourself for a minute in Christian Boltanski's life !

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Limited Edition
Exhibition Christian Boltanski
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In 2009, David Walsh, an Australian mathematician and art collector, bought Christian Boltanski's life in annuity sale. For an agreed sum paid monthly, the French artist suggested that cameras could be placed in his workshop and record all his activities, 24/24, until his death.
He was then 65 years old and David Walsh, who claimed to have never lost a bet, felt that the artist was only eight years to live. If Boltanski had died within this period, Walsh would have become the owner of a valuable work. Had he died after this period, the collector would pay a higher price. Boltanski survived and Walsh continues to pay to collect the days and if possible the death of the artist.
Stored on DVDs held at MONA, Walsh's Museum of Old and New Art, in the suburbs of Hobart on the island of Tasmania, La Vie de CB presents itself as a hymn to life whose end is inescapably programmed.
Presentend in a little metal box, the USB key stores a piece of the work of art: a minute of Christian Boltanski's life.
35 extracts of his life have been randomly dispatched on USB keys. Limited edition to 500 numbered copies.
Quikly discover yours !

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Box : 115 x 85 x 22 mm
USB Key : 55 x 15 x 7 mm

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