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St.Germain b. Tunis. Landeinwärts (St. Germain près de Tunis (À l’intérieur des terres))

Paul Klee
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About the artwork

Paul Klee (1879-1940)
St.Germain b. Tunis. Landeinwärts
(St. Germain près de Tunis (A l’intérieur des terres))

Watercolor on paper pasted on cardboard
21,8 x 31,5 cm

In the surrounding areas of Tunis, Klee transposes his visual experiences of an incandescent landscape under light and heat into an orthogonal structure composed of colorful fields. In the artist, the work of the material is always of the first importance: this rotary movements, for most part, given by the strong contrasts of light and shadow of monochrome watercolor. Klee "builds" here, watercolor plan after watercolor plan, the very rhythm of the vegetation.

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Removable Wallpaper

Our removable wallpaper is printed on an innovative repositionable woven fabric material that sticks to almost any surface. The material is easy to install, can be removed and re-hung without losing adhesion, leaving a mark, or damaging surfaces.

  • Printed at high-resolution for stunning and vivid color gamut.
  • Large wallpaper is printed on several panels with 2 cm overlap.
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Custom sizes

Once your surface has been measured, enter its width and height. The wallpaper will be printed according to the dimensions indicated. Removable wallpapers are available from 1m². Use the cropping tool that will appear after entering the size of the area you want to cover, to select the area you prefer.


Depending on the size of the image, the removable wallpaper can be printed in several panels of equal size. Sections can be up to about 1m wide. For wallpapers printed in multiple panels, an overlap area between the strips of approximately 2 cm is provided to allow better alignment of the image between the strips. This overlapping area can be cut after the wallpaper is installed.


The wallpapers are printed to the exact dimensions you provide. For security, you can choose to add a few extra centimeters in height and width in case your wall is slightly uneven. This makes installation easier if the wall is not perfectly straight. Additional material can be cut after installation. If you choose to add an additional bleed, be sure to include it in the dimensions provided.