General Terms and Conditions of Sale


Any order placed on the website (hereinafter "the online shop ") of the Centre Pompidou (hereinafter called "the Vendor"), will be exclusively governed by these general terms and conditions of sale, that we recommend you read carefully.

The fact of placing an order implies that you have read, understood and unreservedly agreed to these general terms of sale.
The online shop, source code, texts, images and other elements of the online shop are the exclusive property of the Vendor. The entire contents of the online shop are protected by copyright laws. In this respect, and in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code, the online shop may only be used for private purposes. Otherwise, the offender is liable to prosecution in the competent courts.

1: Acceptance of these general terms and conditions of sale

These general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions of Sale") set out the rights and obligations of the parties in respect of distance selling of goods offered by the Vendor on the online shop. The customer hereby acknowledges having read and understood these Terms and Conditions of Sale when confirming the order. Order confirmation implies unqualified acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
The Vendor reserves the right to revise or modify these general terms and conditions of Sale at any time. If they are revised or modified, the Terms and Conditions in force on the day the order is placed will be applied to each order.

2: Identification of the Centre Pompidou and contacts

Centre National d'Art et de culture Georges Pompidou,
Publicly-owned cultural institution
Head office: 75191 Paris Cedex 04.
SIRET (company registration) number: 18004602100028
VAT Number: FR74 180 046 021

2.1: Request for information (except for Print on Demand service)
For any information or questions (except Print on Demand service), customers should contact Customer Service (provided by Union Distribution) at:

Customer E-Commerce Service:

2.2: Request for information (Print on demand service)
For any information or questions related to Print on demand service, customers should contact Commercial service of Centre Pompidou.
Customer service for Print on demand Service:
E-mail address:
Postal address:
Direction des Editions
4 rue Brantôme
75191 Paris
Cedex 04

3: Supply and availability of products

3.1: Supply and availability of products (except Print on demand service)
Product offers and prices are valid as long as they are listed on the online shop, while stocks last.
If a product is unavailable, your order is automatically cancelled and the Centre Pompidou undertakes to refund the customer within no more than sixty days from the date of payment.

Products are offered for sale in the following countries:
Algeria; Argentina; Armenia; Australia; Austria; Belgium; Brazil; Bulgaria; Burkina Faso; Canada; China; Cote d'Ivoire; Croatia; Cuba; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Dominican Republic; Estonia; Finland; France; French Polynesia; Germany; Greece; Guadeloupe; French Guiana; Hong Kong; Hungary; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Japan; Latvia; Lebanon; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Madagascar; Malta; Martinique; Maurice; Mayotte; Morocco; Netherlands; New Caledonia; New Zealand; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Republic of Korea; Réunion; Romania; Russian Federation; Spain; St. Bartholomew; Saint-Pierre and Miquelon; Singapore; Slovakia; Slovenia; Sweden; Switzerland; Taiwan, province of China; Tunisia; Turkey; United Kingdom; United States.

3.2: Supply and availability of Print on demand products

3.2.1: The Supply for Print on Demand Products
When necessary, the specificities relating to Print on Demand products are detailed in these Terms and Conditions. Print On Demand is a service offered by the Online Store. It consists of the printing on different technical support of a selection of works from the collection of the National Museum of Modern Art and temporary exhibitions. The Customer chooses the artwork and the support of his choice from the selection and proceeds to the order as explained in Article 5.

3.2.2: The countries concerned by the supply of Print on Demand Products
Print On Demand products are available for sale in the following countries:
Andorra (3) ; United Arab Emirates ; Afghanistan (3) ; Antigua and Barbuda ; Anguilla ; Albania (3) ; Armenia ; Netherlands Antilles (1) ; Angola ; Antarctica (1) (3) (4) (5); Argentina ; American Samoa ; Austria ; Australia ; Aruba ; Azerbaijan ; Bosnia and Herzegovina ; Barbados ; Bangladesh ; Belgium ; Burkina Faso ; Bulgaria ; Bahrain ; Burundi ; Benin ; Saint-Barthélemy (1) (4) (5) ; Bermuda ; Brunei Darussalam ; Bolivia, Plurinational State of ; Brazil ; Bahamas ; Bhutan ; Botswana ; Belarus (3) ; Belize ; Canada ; Cocos (Keeling) Islands (2) (3) (4) (6); Congo, Democratic Republic of the (3)(4)(6) ; Central African Republic ; Congo ; Switzerland ; Ivory Coast ; Cook Islands ; Chile ; Cameroon ; China ; Colombia ; Costa Rica ; Cuba (3); Cape Verde ; Christmas Island (3) ; Cyprus (3) ; Czech Republic ; Germany ; Djibouti (3); Denmark ; Dominica ; Dominican Republic ; Algeria ; Ecuador ; Estonia ; Egypt ; Western Sahara (4) (5); Eritrea (3) ; Spain ; Ethiopia ; Finland ; Fiji ; Falkland Islands (Malvinas) (3) ; Micronesia, Federated States of ; Faroe Islands ; France ; Gabon ; United Kingdom ; Grenada ; Georgia ; French Guiana (4) ; Guernsey ; Ghana ; Gibraltar (3); Greenland (3) ; Gambia ; Guinea ; Guadeloupe (3); Equatorial Guinea (3); Greece ; South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (3)(4)(5) ; Guatemala ; Guam ; Guinea-Bissau ; Guyana ; Hong Kong ; Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands (3)(4)(5) ; Honduras ; Croatia ; Haiti ; Hungary ; Indonesia ; Republic of Ireland ; Israel ; Isle of Man ; India ; British Indian Ocean Territory (4) (5); Iraq (3) ; Iran, Islamic Republic of (3) ; Iceland ; Italy ; Jersey ; Jamaica ; Jordan ; Japan ; Kenya ; Kyrgyzstan ; Cambodia ; Kiribati ; Comoros ; Saint Kitts and Nevis ; Korea, Democratic People's Republic of (2)(4) (5) ; Korea, Republic of (3) ; Kuwait ; Cayman Islands (1) ; Kazakhstan ; Lao People's Democratic Republic ; Lebanon ; Saint Lucia (3) ; Liechtenstein (3) ; Sri Lanka ; Liberia ; Lesotho ; Lithuania (3); Luxembourg ; Latvia ; Libya ; Morocco ; Monaco (1) (3) (4) ; Moldova (3), Republic of ; Montenegro (3) ; Madagascar ; Marshall Islands ; Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of ; Mali ; Myanmar ; Mongolia ; Macao (3); Northern Mariana Islands ; Martinique ; Mauritania (3); Montserrat ; Malta (3); Mauritius (3) ; Maldives ; Malawi ; Mexico ; Malaysia ; Mozambique ; Namibia ; New Caledonia ; Niger ; Norfolk Island (3) ; Nigeria ; Nicaragua (3) ; Netherlands ; Norway ; Nepal ; Nauru (3); Niue (3) ; New Zealand ; Oman ; Panama ; Peru ; French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea ; Philippines ; Pakistan ; Poland ; Saint Pierre and Miquelon (3); Puerto Rico ; Palestine, State of (4) ; Portugal ; Palau (3) ; Paraguay ; Qatar ; Reunion Island (3); Romania ; Serbia ; Russian Federation ; Rwanda (3); Saudi Arabia ; Solomon Islands ; Seychelles ; Sudan ; Sweden ; Singapore ; Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha (3)(4)(5) ; Slovenia ; Svalbard and Jan Mayen (3)(4)(6) ; Slovakia ; Sierra Leone ; San Marino ; Senegal ; Somalia (3); Suriname (3); Sao Tome and Principe (3); El Salvador ; Syrian Arab Republic ; Swaziland (3) ; Turks and Caicos Islands (3); Chad ; Togo ; Thailand ; Tajikistan ; Tokelau (3)(4)(5); Timor-Leste ; Turkmenistan ; Tunisia ; Tonga ; Turkey (3) ; Trinidad and Tobago ; Tuvalu (3); Taiwan, Province of China ; Tanzania, United Republic of ; Ukraine (3) ; Uganda ; United States Minor Outlying Islands (3)(4)(5) ; United States ; Uruguay ; Uzbekistan ; Holy See (Vatican City State) (3) ; Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (3) ; Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of ; Virgin Islands, British ; Virgin Islands, U.S. ; Vietnam ; Vanuatu ; Wallis and Futuna (3); Samoa ; Yemen (2) ; Mayotte (3) ; South Africa ; Zambia ; Zimbabwe.
(1) Non-covered destination for Sweats and Tee-shirts
(2) Non-covered destination for cell phone cases
(3) Non-covered destination for Metal and Acrylic Prints
(4) Non-covered destination for Canvas print, Frames canvas and Frame art prints.
(5) Non-covered destination for Art Prints

3.2.3: Frame and size rules for Print on demand
For art print without a frame, the indicated formats match with the paper size and follow standard size.
For framed art print and marie-louise: the formats follow "custom-made size". The formats indicated correspond to the maximum external dimension of the marie-louise (which also match with the size of the protective glass).
For the other products (canvas with or without frame), the formats follow customs sizes. The formats indicated correspond to the maximum dimensions for each size option.

4: Product prices and amount of the order

4.1. Selling prices
Selling prices are shown in euros inclusive of tax (VAT + other taxes, including the tax on videos where applicable), excluding the contribution to order-processing and shipping costs.
Book prices are set in strict compliance with the Lang law (no. 81-766) of 10 August 1981.
For orders shipped to countries other than metropolitan France, the Customer is the importer of the product or products concerned. Customs duty, other local taxes, import duty or State taxes may be payable on all products shipped outside the European Union and the French Overseas Departments and Territories. All these sums are the responsibility of the Customer, who is solely responsible both for declaring the products and for paying the relevant authorities and/or organizations of the importing country. Customers should inquire about these aspects from the local authorities of the importing country.

All orders, regardless of their origin, are payable in euros.
The Centre Pompidou reserves the right to change its prices at any time, but products will be invoiced at the prices applying at the time of ordering.

4.2. Total amount of the order
The total amount of the order is the final price in euros, all taxes included, costs of processing and shipping included. It is stated in the order confirmation e-mail and in the electronic invoice downloadable once the payment has been made or from the account created by the Customer.
All products remain the property of the Centre Pompidou until full payment of the price by the Customer.

5: Order

The Customer places an order for one or more products offered for sale on the online shop.
The ordering process is as follows:

  • Step 1: Click one of the products offered for sale on the online shop.

For the Products on demand, the Client choose the artwork of his choice, then the support and at least the size and frame of his choice. A detailed description of the selected product (dimensions, material, picture) and its selling price is displayed.

For products (except Print on demand products) a detailed description of the selected product (dimensions, material, picture) and its selling price is displayed.

Click "Add to cart" to add the selected product to your order. If you have finished you can then click "Order", or you can continue adding other products to the cart.

  • Step 2: You now need to create a customer account or log in to your account by entering an e-mail address and a password. When you create a customer account, you will be asked for some particulars needed to process the order: full name, postal address for delivery and/or billing, telephone number and e-mail address.

  • Step 3: The details you have entered are displayed, as well as the delivery method, lead time and shipping costs. You should then read these general terms and conditions of sale, make sure that all the particulars of your order are correct (contact details, delivery address, etc.) and choose a shipping method according to the lead time and shipping costs.

  • Step 4: A summary of the full order is displayed on the page "Summary of your order". Check your itemized order and click "Previous Step" to correct any errors.
    If you have a promotional code, enter it in the "Discount voucher" field then click
    "Recalculate" to update the order total.

  • Step 5: Click your preferred method of payment. When you do so, you will be redirected to the secure payment site and will not be able to make any changes to your order.

  • Step 6: You make your online payment for the order by entering your bank details (card number and 'Expires end' date) followed by a final click. If your payment is refused by the bank concerned, the order is automatically cancelled. Orders confirmed by customers on the"Summary of your order" page imply irrevocable acceptance, which can only be reversed in cases specifically stipulated in clause 7 ("Right to cancel") clause 10 (Delivery) and clause 11 (Warranties) of these Terms and Conditions of Sale.

6: Order confirmation

The contractual information is in French. You will receive confirmation in an e-mail stating the following:

  • Date and time of the order,

  • Main features of the product(s) sold,

  • Order number,

  • Total amount of the order and method of payment chosen by the Customer,

  • A link to download your electronic bill,

  • Delivery window,

  • Information about after-sales and the e-mail address of the Customer Service, which the Customer can contact for any problems:
    For any question regarding your order (except for Print on Demand service), please contact:

For other questions, please contact the commercial service at

  • Conditions and methods for exercising your right to cancel,

  • Address of the Vendor's registered office and its SIRET (company registration) number.

This e-mail constitutes proof of the order for the customer; the Vendor recommends it be kept.
The Centre Pompidou reserves the right not to fulfil the order placed by the customer:

  • If the bank handling the payment indicates that the payment method chosen to pay for the order cannot be used;

  • More generally, for any legitimate reason as provided by article L122-1 of the Consumer Code.

7: Right to cancel

7-1 - Deadlines and procedure
In accordance with the provisions of article L. 121-21 of the Consumer Code, customers have a cooling-off period of 14 business days from receipt of the ordered goods to exercise their right to cancel by using the form on this site.

Customers must return the unwanted product to the Vendor for refund (without penalty apart from the cost of returning it) within no more than 14 days of receiving the acknowledgement of receipt of their decision to cancel the order.
If this right to cancel is exercised within the aforesaid time limit, customers will be refunded the amount they paid, i.e. the purchase price of the product(s) and the cost of standard delivery. The cost of returning the goods is borne by the customer.

The refund (except for Print on Demand products) will be made within no more than 14 days from receipt of the returned product by the Vendor.
Returns should be sent to:
UD Union Distribution
Service Customers - Pompidou
6 Rue de l'Europe
45300 sermaises
and labelled: Retour commande Boutique en ligne Pompidou (Order Returned - Pompidou Online Shop)

The returns for Print On Demand products should be sent to:
Editions - Service Commercial
4 rue Brantôme
75191 Paris Cedex 04
And labelled: Retour commande Impression à la demande Boutique en ligne Pompidou (Order Returned - Pompidou Online Shop)

Products (Print on Demand or not) must be returned in their original packaging, complete, along with your bank details, the order return form (included in the electronic bill available in your Customer Account) and any related accessories, instructions for use and documentation, etc., so that it can be made available for sale again. Items returned damaged, incomplete or soiled by the customer will not be taken back.

7.2 - Products not covered by the right to cancel
The products listed in article L 121-21 -8- of the Consumer Code are not covered by the right to cancel. In accordance with this article, the right to cancel cannot be exercised for :"products manufactured according to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized".

8: Secure Payment

The online shop is the subject of a security system to ensure the confidentiality and security of data transmitted by the customer on the online shop.
To this end, the Centre Pompidou has adopted SSL encryption and strengthened the overall scrambling and encryption processes to protect all sensitive payment-related data as effectively as possible.

9: Payment method - Payment - Invoicing

9.1. Payment method
Customers pay for orders by credit card.
The following cards are accepted: CARTE BLEUE/VISA/MASTERCARD.
In the fields provided for the purpose, customers enter the card number without spaces, its "Expires end" date and the last three digits of its card verification code (CVC).

The full card number is displayed when typed in, but only its last 5 digits are displayed in the Customer account, the others being hidden for security reasons.
The CVC is the number on the back of the card.
It strengthens the security of online payments.
Payments are made exclusively in euros.

9.2. Payment transaction
The card is debited when the order is placed. Customers guarantee the Vendor that they have the necessary authorization to use their chosen method of payment.
If the card is refused by the payment centre, the order is automatically cancelled.
You are prompted to print out proof of the transaction, which is displayed on screen once payment has been made.

9.3. Billing
You can download your electronic bill for printing from your customer account after making your online payment or from the link in the e-mail confirming your order.
It is accessible at any time when you log on to your customer account, under the heading "Order history".

10: Delivery

10.1. Ordered items (Print on Demand and others products) are delivered under the following conditions:
Products are delivered to the delivery address provided by the Customer during the order process in accordance with 5 above. For items deliverable on different dates according to availability, the Centre Pompidou reserves the right to split the consignment. In such cases, the contribution to the costs of processing and shipment will be invoiced only for a single shipment.

Average delivery time for metropolitan France is 4 to 8 business days.
If shipment is delayed, the Centre Pompidou will notify the customer by e-mail. In any event, in accordance with legal provisions, if shipment is delayed by more than 30 days after the date of purchase, customers can cancel their order by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by any other written means (e-mail).

In that case, if the product is received after the Customer has cancelled the order, the Centre Pompidou will refund the product subject to the Customer providing proof (from the post office or the carrier), upon receipt of the product by the Centre Pompidou, complete and in its original condition. Customers must attach to the return a document proving the cost of the return shipment.

They must notify the carrier and the Centre Pompidou of all reservations regarding the delivered product (damaged package, already open, etc.). In such cases, customers benefit from an replacement or a refund for the delivered product, subject to the conditions in the previous paragraph.
The applicable cost of postage and packing, stated when the order was placed, depends on the weight of the parcel and the place of delivery. Click here to see the itemized cost of postage and packaging: Postage and packing charges.

10.2. Manufacturing time and shipping costs for Print on Demand products
The Online Store generates orders for the Print on Demand service according to the following average times:
- Art Prints: 5-7 business days
- Framed art Prints s: 5-7 working days
- Canvas and Framed Prints: 7-12 business days
- Metal Prints: 5-7 working days
- Acrylic Prints: 5-7 working days
- Removable wallpaper: 5-7 business days

Shipping times depend on the different postal services used. The amount of the applicable shipping costs, specified when ordering, is calculated according to the weight of the parcel and the zone of delivery. The details of the calculation of these postage costs for Print On Demand can be accessed by clicking here: Grille des frais de port.

Conditionning and packaging are included in the shipping costs.

10.3: Order tracking and delivery
Customers are notified of shipment by e-mail.
The Customer undertakes to receive the ordered products at the delivery address stated in the order confirmation e-mail.
If the Customer is out, the latter has a time limit specified by the carrier to take delivery of his parcel.

NB - If the parcel is not collected in the time allotted, the products will be returned to the Centre Pompidou. Centre Pompidou reserves the right to refund the order, less the cost of delivery which remain payable by the customer.

10.4. Refunds and replacement
When requesting a refund or replacement for late delivery (over 30 days) or for a defective article due to delivery, and after having so informed Customer Service, you have 14 business days (from the date of delivery or collection of your parcel) to return the items together with the following documents:

1/ The duly completed return form, downloadable from the electronic bill in your customer account
2/ Your bank details, to allow the Centre Pompidou to credit the your account.

The return address is stated on the return form:
UD Union Distribution
Customer Service - Pompidou
6 Rue de l'Europe
45300 sermaises

In the case of a withdrawal, the refund will be made except for the return costs incurred.
Products are refunded within no more than fourteen days from the date on which the right has been exercised.

Repayment is made on a proposal from the Centre Pompidou by crediting the customer's bank account.

10.5. Refunds and replacement for Print On Demand Products

In the case of a defective item related to the delivery or a 30 days late delivery, the Customer have 14 business days (from the date of delivery or collection of your parcel) to return the items together with the following documents:
1/ The duly completed return form, downloadable from the electronic bill in your customer account
2/ Your bank details, to allow the Centre Pompidou to credit your account.
The return address is stated on the return form:
Direction des Editions - Service commercial
4 rue Brantôme
75191 Paris Cedex 04

The Customer must return send a picture of the product (as a proof) by mail to:

10.5.1: Request for replacement
In the case of a request for replacement, the Centre Pompidou will pay the shipping cost.

10.5.2: Request for a refund
Refunds of the products shall be made no later than fourteen days after the date on which the right was exercised. Reimbursement is made on a proposal from the Pompidou Center by crediting the Client's bank account.
The Centre Pompidou will pay the shipping cost for the replacement.

11: Warranties

As required by law, delivered products are covered by the statutory warranty against hidden defects caused by a defect in materials, design or manufacturing affecting the product and making it unfit for use.

Please note:
- the statutory warranty is voided in cases of misuse, negligence or lack of maintenance on the part of the Customer, as in the case of normal wear of the product, accident, in case of facts attributable to the Customer, or even in the case of force majeure as defined in 13 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale;
- the warranty is limited to replacement or refund of the non-compliant or defective product(s);
- in order to exercise his right to a refund, the Customer must, under penalty of forfeiture of any action relating to it, inform the Vendor in writing of the non-conformity of the delivered product(s)/book(s) and the latent defect affecting the product(s) as soon as they are detected accompanied with any proofs including pictures (in any event no longer than two years from the date of delivery of the product);

  • no product will be exchanged or refunded without the agreement of the Seller

Customer Service undertakes to replace the product(s) concerned with an identical product. If this proves impossible, Customer Service undertakes to replace the product(s) with a product of equivalent quality and price, subject to availability, or to refund the customer within no more than 60 days. The cost of dispatching the new product is borne by the Vendor.

12: Liability

In any event, the Vendor shall not be deemed liable if it fails to fulfil its obligations through the customer's fault, or due to an unpredictable and insurmountable event caused by a third party to the contract, or to a case of force majeure as defined in 14 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Similarly, the Vendor shall not be liable for any inconvenience or damage arising from use of the Internet, including a service interruption, external intrusion or the presence of computer viruses.

The Vendor, owner of the online shop, undertakes exclusively to abide by the legislative or regulatory provisions in force in France.
Hyperlinks may redirect the Customer to Internet sites other than the online shop. The Vendor assumes no liability if the content of such sites contravenes current statutory provisions and regulations.

13: Force majeure

Neither the Vendor nor the Customer can be held liable for any breach of contract caused by a case of force majeure.
Without limitation, are notably considered cases of force majeure, in addition to those generally invoked as legal precedents in French courts, total or partial industrial action in or outside the Vendor's company or its customer service listed in 2 of the Terms and Conditions of Sale, blocked means of transport or supply chains for any reason whatsoever, government or legal restrictions, computer crashes, or interruption of telecoms services including networks and the Internet.

14: Proof - Data retention - Archives

Computer records kept in the Vendor's systems in conditions of reasonable security are deemed proof of the contract of sale, its date, orders and payments between the parties.
Orders and invoices are archived on reliable and durable media, ensuring they are a true copy, in accordance with article 1348 of the Civil Code.

15: Protection of personal data - Right of access

The personal information requested from the Customer is required to process and route orders and to issue delivery notes and invoices.
All personal data collected by the Vendor is processed in accordance with statutory provisions governing the protection of personal data based on law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, known as the "Informatique et Liberté" law:
- the Customer is hereby informed that this authorized processing of data has been declared to the CNIL (the French data protection authority)
- the Customer can exercise his right to access, modify, rectify and delete his personal data at any time. He may do so by writing to the Vendor, together with proof of identity (photocopy of an identity document), at the following address:

When their personal data is collected, Customers may consent to receiving newsletters about exhibitions, events and promotional offers in museum shops, as well as the newsletter published by the Centre Pompidou. To do so, they only need to tick the relevant boxes. Subsequently, and in accordance with current regulations, they can unsubscribe at any time:
- By clicking the unsubscribe link at the foot of the newsletter page.
- Or by sending an e-mail to the following address:

16: Cookies

The Centre Pompidou makes use of cookies on the online shop. Cookies record Customers' visits to the online store. Cookies are used by the Centre Pompidou to improve the personalized service for the Customer. You are reminded that you can choose to block or delete them on your computer.

17: Full terms and conditions

The Parties recognize that these terms and conditions of sale form the entire agreement between them. If for any reason whatsoever any clause herein were to be declared inapplicable, it would be deemed non-written without voiding the rest of these Terms and Conditions of Sale, or altering the other provisions of the general terms.

18: Settlement of Disputes

These general terms and conditions and any order placed by the Customer are governed by French law.

1.In the event of a dispute, the Customer will first contact the Centre Pompidou to settle an amicable solution at the following address:
2.In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Code concerning "the process of mediation of consumers disputes", the customer has the right to use the mediation service offered by the Centre Pompidou. The mediator is AMIDIF (Association des Médiateurs Indépendants d'Ile de France). To file a complaint, please contact AMIDIF via the contact details below. AMIDIF can also answer to your questions relating the procedure itself: AMIDIF* (Association des Médiateurs Indépendants d'Ile de France), 1 place de Fleurus,77 100 Meaux.
Email : Jean Bernini :
To file your complaint, you can also go through the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution Plateform.
This mediator is part of the national list of mediators who meet the mandatory quality conditions established by Directive 2013/11/UE on out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes. In the absence of an amicable settlement, the dispute will be brought before the competent French courts.

In the event of a dispute, the Centre Pompidou and the Customer agree to refer the matter to the competent French courts only after having exhausted all conciliation procedures.

Last updated on January 15, 2024