Le reste est ombre - Pedro Costa, Rui Chafes, Paulo Nozolino

From Jun 8, 2022 to Aug 22, 2022

Dedicated to the Portuguese artists Pedro Costa (b. 1959), Rui Chafes (b. 1966) and Paulo Nozolino (b. 1955), this group exhibition takes the form of a renewed dialogue between cinema, sculpture and photography.

Built around the installation "As filhas do Fogo" by Pedro Costa and Rui Chafes, and the film "Minino macho, Minino fêmea" by Pedro Costa, accompanied by a series of photographs by Paulo Nozolino, the exhibition is conceived as a mental and immersive journey at the crossroads of the plastic interrogations of these three artists who have been involved in a fruitful collaboration over the years.

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