Swatch X Centre Pompidou

Swatch X Centre Pompidou
From Mar 10, 2022 to Dec 31, 2022

Swatch joins forces with Centre Pompidou for an art-filled watch collection. As a result, a collection of wearable artworks that bring a splash of color and culture to every day. The collaboration pays tribute to six masterpieces of the following artists: Frida Kahlo, Amedeo Modigliani, Robert Delaunay, Vassily Kandinsky et Piet Mondrian.

The synergies between Swatch and Centre Pompidou are clear. Both are on a mission to make art accessible for all. They are revolutionary, Swatch for bringing art to wrists and the Centre Pompidou for bringing art to the masses. Vibrant colors and transparent details are the signature hallmarks of the Swiss watch brand and the inside-out building made of steel, primary-colored tubing, and the renowned "caterpillar" glass-enclosed escalators snaking up the side that enable passers-by to view the art inside.

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