Editions Centre Pompidou

Jeux et délires au Centre Pompidou


Activity book for children. Ages 6 and up.
What is this strange building in the center of Paris? With a transparent and metallic structure, large colored pipes and a gigantic escalator crossing the frontage... it is the Centre Pompidou, of course!

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With this book, children can discover the unique architecture of the museum and its environment through original activities. They are asked to locate the Centre Pompidou in its historic district, to understand and play with the colors of the pipes, to make a model of the building, to design a new one, to find the 7 differences between photographs of the Centre Pompidou by day and by night, and much more...
An enticing introduction with games and eye-catching graphics to a place that strongly contributes to the contemporary identity of the French capital city!

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Cécile Guibert-Brussel and Stéphane Kiehl
Éditions du Centre Pompidou
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